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Sometimes you need to just get things going as quickly as possible. Normal operations have taken away your time to get your business finances in order and you need someone else to help.

That is what this service is for – to help you carry on setting up or doing business and after a short period of time, your administration will be ready to easily integrate into how you work.

– Xero Account Registration

– Xero Set-up

– Documentation Calendar and Storage

– Quick Financial Review

– HMRC Registration Submissions

– VAT Position Review

– Tax Position Review

– Initial Reporting

– Discount on Training

On-going use of Xero has an annual fee which can be paid monthly or annually.

Focused intimate time discussing your biggest business concerns, highest ambitions or just where to go next with experienced consultants and business specialists.

– Phone

– Skype

– Line

– Google Hangout

– Email

– In-Person (location dependant)

We’ll send an in-depth questionnaire prior to the session so that we can get straight to the point and get the most out of our time.

Need more or less time?

Let us know and we’ll tailor something to your needs.

Designed for the multi-client expert. Whether you’re a Web Designer, Copywriter, Programmer or Illustrator – having your accounts in order is very important.

With all the benefits of Xero, we set you up and getting a handle on your finances. Ready to invoice, chase and manage clients and your money.

– Set-up on Xero

– Incorporation (optional)

– Bank Account (optional)

– VAT Registration (optional)

– 12 months retrospective accounts

– Credit Control Evaluation

– Branded Invoicing

– Credit & Contract Terms created

On-going use of Xero has an annual fee which can be paid monthly or annually.

With limited resources it’s always useful to have someone in your corner. Legislation is always changing, managing home-life and work-life is tough and putting it off until the end of the year is a nightmare.

Keep your accounts in order all year round and be able to monitor them anytime you want.

– Set-up on Xero

– Upto 12 months retrospective filing

– Annual HMRC Calendar management

– Bank Feed Setup

– Customised Invoices

– Ledger Management

– Basic Training & Discount on further training

Did you know that a blogger can claim a portion of travel to events as an expense? Or the ingredients for a recipe? What about the use of your home internet or rent if you work at home?

KonaSeven started as a service for bloggers, so we know what you need. Here’s how our top bloggers use us –

– Set-up on Xero

– Set-up as Limited Company (Incorporation)

– HMRC filing and statutory document set-up

– In-depth Expenses framework and training

– On-going support for 6 months

– Basic Training E-course

– Mobile, Tablet and Desktop Apps

Some clients just want to use our Beautiful Software. The great thing is that by using us, you get a 10% discount on the service packages and 15% off our training and other packages.

No matter what, when you’re signed up with us, you have support along the way.

– Access to Xero discounts

– Access to KonaSeven discounts

– Initial Setup

*ongoing use of Xero requires an annual subscription paid annually or monthly.

Everything you need to know to understand how and why to do your accounts. Including video tutorials, resources and email support.

After this training you will be ready to either take on your accounts yourself or understand what you need from us to take back your time.

– Introduction to Accounting

– Difference between Limited Company, Soletrader and Charity

– What is Xero?

– How can Xero help you?

– The 5 Must-do’s of Business Admin

– What does the HMRC want?

– What are Financial Statements?

– How to become a Legitimate business

All of our training is designed to help you understand your business. It is delivered online in a self paced course. If you need help along the way, you can always email us for help.

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